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The name of SOUTHERN CABLE SDN. BHD. is widely recognised as a well established company in Malaysia for its quality and strategically located at Kuala Ketil Industrial Estate, Baling, Kedah. Progressively, SOUTHERN CABLE SDN. BHD. is venturing on the international business world.

SOUTHERN CABLE SDN. BHD. incorporated in 1993, becomes one of the leading and dynamic manufacturer for great range of cables & wires products include Low Voltage Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, Fire Resistant Cables,  Telecommunication System Cables, Instrument & Control Cables and Overhead Transmission Line Cables. 

SOUTHERN CABLE SDN. BHD. has single-mindedly pursued a policy of excellence in every process, innovated in mechanisation, automation and computerisation.  In-depth attitudes of providing quality products, on-time delivery, superb customer service and competitive pricing are the core of our Quality Policy.  

SOUTHERN CABLE SDN. BHD. Management uphold far-sighted vision and planning with emphasis on customer satisfaction.  We are commited to ongoing excellence of wire & cable production, the acquisition of new and sophisticated technologies in order to add value to our products as to optimise the opportunity in the regional and international markets.

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